Messages from and for the Intuitive Awakening Group

Many thanks to the participants of the Intuitive Awakening Series that shared their messages for the rest of the group! It takes a lot of courage to speak out, but there's a lot of support and encouragement in our group, so this is a perfect place to practice.

If you have not yet done this practice exercise, please take some time to do the session on "Receiving Messages and Seeing Signs" and EMAIL DEBORAH with your messages for the group. You never know who might need to hear exactly what you have to share!

The messages + responses are posted below. If one of these messages hits home for you, please drop us a note, so we can let the messengers know that they are on track. 

  • Right at the beginning of meditation, before I even asked, I saw a raised curb next to a parked car and it seems that someone receives either a parking ticket or there is some problem related to the curb with the person's car.  The event happens while that person is out and about while shopping and/or grabbing a bite to eat.  I feel bad for them.  I know how that feels!
  • I sense a shorter haired brunette woman that has a son and I see him playing/throwing a softball/baseball.  I think he's practicing for a team and I believe he makes the team....
  • I sense a father and I see his daughter (teenager) swimming, jumping into the water and laughing in a lake type environment.  I believe she was asked to a party and she is happy to be included. (This one was already claimed, but could be true for someone else in the group too, so I listed it anyway. Sometimes, Spirit speaks to several people at the same time, so I wanted to give others the chance to speak up if it resonates.)
  • There is someone in the group, who either they or someone very close to them, is experiencing a very serious health issue. They need not be concerned. All will be well.
  • I see and feel someone is hiding their gifts and wisdom to share.  They do not feel worthy to share it but in fact people are praying for their gifts, wisdom and services.  They are encouraging me to say just take a step and the Universe will support you.  It is okay to be afraid those are natural feelings but hiding is not going to allow you to fill your heart’s passion up.  Know that you are not allow and others especially in this class have felt what you are feeling.  Reach out and take the first step and tell someone your desire to share your gifts and wisdom and ask how do I start.  You will be surprised what unfolds for you. They want me to tell you that WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
  • I wanted to update you on another message you provided below. On my trip this weekend with dear girlfriends of mine, one of the lady's grandchildren, Asher (4 weeks old), was told to come in because during a checkup on Friday, a mark of some kind was spotted on his tailbone area and was told to come in for imaging immediately because the mark could be an indicator of a development issue, which would require immediate surgery for a chance of fixing it. My girlfriend, the grandmother, received a frantic call from her daughter regarding the very scary news. We were all in Texas, on a vacation, far from home. I told Jane, not to worry, that it would be ok (I also had that sense). Asher had an ultrasound scan and an X-ray performed the next day, Saturday. The scan tech said that everything appears normal (unofficially, of course).  The doctor will follow up next week. So, everything is going to be fine for this little baby and family. I want to say thank you to the group member that had the courage to share their message. It made a difference! Thank you