One Woman's Intuitive Awakening Journey

Deborah mentioned that as we began to open up our own intuition, we may experience some discomfort as negative energies move out and our energies are re-balanced...boy, she wasn't kidding!  I believe it was following our second audio session, all during the next day, it felt like all of my senses were enhanced.  For example, while taking my dogs outside the colors seemed brighter, I noticed more noises like the birds wings fluttering and the birds singing, and general movement of everything seemed to be buzzing around me.  I imagine that if I had ADHD (which my younger brother has) this may be what it feels like.  I wanted to be in my house with just quiet and stillness.  I also experienced feeling tired with a slight headache. I wrote it off as Spring allergies as the weather was starting to change outside.  

My spiritual awakening alarm clock must have gone off, because from the beginning of our audio sessions, I have been having friends and family reaching out to me to discuss important matters in their life and seeking guidance.  These occurrences have increased in frequency and so have messages that come to me during the day, and my dreams at night.  I had a strange dream the night before I flew to Colorado for our family ski trip.  We spent the night in Chicago for an early morning flight to Denver.  This night followed the "opening the third eye" audio broadcast and I felt like I must be blind in my third eye....because I just saw indigo colored ink on my third eye when I tried to envision the color streaming into that opening during the meditation.  I thought, well, you can't have it all and re-focused on getting out the door for my trip.  That night, I dreamed that I met a man in his thirties and he literally had an eye in the middle of his forehead, with his two regular eyes.  He told me basically not to feel discouraged, that it was easier 'here,' and before I knew it, I'd be using my third eye just like my other two.  I didn't think he meant 'here' as in Chicago, but maybe he meant in the mountains of Colorado, or perhaps he meant a state of being?  I guess I'll find out!  

My energy has returned after our current audio sessions and I feel elated but really relaxed after I get off the calls.  I discovered my animal guides were a large wolf and a large brown bear.  This was surprising to me because I am a cat lady at heart (even though I have 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and a cat).  I thought for sure I would have a big lion or maybe a cheetah or a panther....but, no again, not as I thought. lol.  

During the most recent session, I was supposed to visualize at least one guardian angel.  Well, I have a group and they are patiently waiting.  I could not see their faces in the collective, but one stepped forward and he is beautiful!  I thought maybe he was a she at first because of the long hair and beautiful light.  However, when he stepped forward, I could see him more clearly and he appeared to be very strong as you might imagine a young man in his late twenties that is physically fit to be.  When we visualized the tv screen to receive our message, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't receive any message (being that I think my third eye may be defunct).  When I first pictured the tv, it looked like the tv in the movie Poltergeist and I only saw the static on it.  I thought for a moment, "uh-oh...that's not good," but then, I saw the word "alone," and the tv changed from a tube tv to a large flat screen tv that was hanging in front of me and pictures started to flash onto the screen in a rapid fire fashion.  The pictures were of beautiful things like Spring flowers rapid growing from the ground in all kinds of vivid colors, birds flying across the brilliant blue sky, big white fluffy clouds in the sky, small children running and laughing outside with the sun shining down on them, sunsets over the water, etc.  When I first saw the word 'alone,' I worried for a split second about what the word itself meant.  However, when the pictures started, I knew the word means to be peacefully centered within myself to connect the levels of myself together.  My heart sang after this audio session.  Thank you Deborah for helping me along my journey.

Intuitive Awakening Series Participant