Do "Upper Limits" to Success Really Exist?

Dear Healing Community,

Do you believe that the "upper limit" to success and abundance is real or is it just a construct of the mind?

In my opinion, upper limits always seem to be spun online as a negative experience, like a punishment for having rapid success personally and professionally.

Are upper limits a form of self-sabotage or self-love?

When I tune into one of my sacred core teachings, to "view your challenges as opportunities," it leads me to dive into looking for answers for "why" success can also be faced with challenge.

In a sense, up-leveling your business is the same each time you take the leap, it's that new choices are involved.

When you are going from 0-$5K you're a startup - there are choices to be made about how you are going to invest in order to grow. There are many lessons that happen along this journey to hit 5K months.

One of my teachers once said that getting to $5K months is more challenging than hitting six-figures. This is because at the 0-$5K level you are constantly being faced with... "can I really do it?" "is this business really going to happen?"

Did you experience a similar feeling when aiming to hit 5K or are you still aiming to reach that first 5K and surpass it?

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I will post about moving to 10K and beyond, keep a look out for the subject line Blasting Through Upper Limits & Perceived Success Blocks.

Sending You So Much Love & Manifesting Magic!

Celia Faye Meisel

Spiritual Business Mentor