Book Announcement

We're very proud to announce the publication on my book: 'Grief, The Mind's Final Frontier, Your GPS for Relieving Grief'.

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After several years in the making, here is my completed book: 'Grief, The Mind's Final Frontier' on relieving the stress of life and grief events.  This covers my personal grief stress endured through bereavement and beyond, at times moving from revenge to reconciliation to redemption. 

Grief is a journey of mind, heart and soul. This is my experience in using mind and heart to resolve grief. My book is an ideal tool for business and individuals who are struggling with the unresolved stress of life and grief.

The book encompasses 4 decades of work in the fields of human development and grief recovery. It offers time-tested ways to alleviate the pain and suffering from life and grief events. Additionally, it encourages adults to use its tools to resolve the stress on mind, body, heart and soul to reclaim peace of mind and happiness.

The paper version costs $18.95 (WI residents must add tax). You may access a sample chapter from the book for your review and purchase the book through my website:  It is also available on Kindle through my website.

Thank you and may you find the peace of mind you seek.
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