Blasting Through Upper Limits & Success Blocks

Dear Gorgeous Healing Community,

Did you get my email yesterday? If you haven't read it yet, it contains very important info related to what I am sharing with you today, so make sure you go check it out when we're done here - okay? Now, let's dive into the good stuff!

Anytime you are going to create an uplevel in your business there will be some resistance, it's just your defense mechanisms trying to keep you safe in survival mode. If you constantly let fear win, it's going to hold you back. But, that is for another day & another message because I want to dig deep into what your up-level could look like.

When you think about 15K & 20K months in business, does it scare you or does it feel soooooooooo good?

Your mind might be saying
How can I ever get there? 
There aren't enough hours in the day!
No one will ever pay ME that kind of money!
blah.. blah.. blah..

I have so been there... grinding it out, working 7-days a week, 5 of those days I had long commutes. I claimed that I was my own boss, because I owned my own business, but I was tied into so many limiting belief systems that my every move felt caluclated and controlled. I HATED it!

Now, exactly 12 months since my final freelance contract wrapped up, I am here talking to you about 15K & 20K months.

The thing that I want you to understand here, gorgeous 
Healing Community, is that I had to work through my own success blocks and limiting beliefs to get to the place of talking about 15K & 20K months.

When I first started out online, working as a sound healer, I had no clue how to scale or grow my business & definitely no idea how to really build a following. At that time I was making hundreds of dollars per month. As I grew, up-leveled, and started selling high-end, I was making about $1,500 per month coaching and to get to the next level I had to keep on going because that much per month was not going to cut it.

I've learned so much about online business, coaching, healing, channeling in the Divine, and working with clients that I am rolling out a whole new business model in the coming months, and what is really exciting is that I am going to be teaching the women who start working with me how to DIVERSIFY their income streams, because what-if you want to take a break from one-on-one or you want to launch courses, or open up affiliate partnerships, the possibilities are endless. 

I am opening space for a very particular type of woman to come into my sacred circle of sisterhood, Divine manifestation & business growth. A woman who has done heaps of energy work, has her business foundation set, and is ready to start rapidly growing at an accelerated ascended pace - because when you are in heart and Soul alignment, there is nothing stopping a Divine beautiful entrepreneurial woman.

I want to invite you to a sacred Soul & Strategy Session with me, but only if you feel you are ready. Normally I do not provide the link directly to my calendar, but today is special because the Divine has guided me to write this heartfelt message. Will I see you on the other side? Click the link & see where it takes you. If you get a full body YES!!! schedule your chat & don't look back! ----->

Sending You Loads of LOVE!!!!!!

Celia Faye Meisel

Spiritual Business Mentor