A Sign from Spirit

So, I got around to writing down an WEIRD experience from last week, Friday (4/28/2017).  Here's how it goes:

I took my two dogs out to go to the bathroom late morning, around 11:30am'ish...my cat, Archie (short for Archimedes), was begging to go outside when I brought the dogs back in.  So, I said ok Archie, we'll go outside and I put his harness on.  I walked him to the right side of our deck and down the stairs so he could walk in the grass.  As we took a couple of steps towards the back of the yard, I noticed a deer in the woods (the woods outline our yard).  The bushes/trees are very thin, especially at this time of the year.  I told Archie not to worry, that the female deer did not mean any harm.  I didn't realize I was doing this, but I started rubbing a large greenish/purplish colored stone pendant on my necklace (I think it is a fired topaz...) and started walking with Archie along the back of the deck (across the yard, towards the other side of the house - so, along the deck and parallel to the wooded tree line).  I think I was also talking to Archie and the deer as I took a step to start walking.  All of a sudden, the deer came towards us and was standing only a few feet from us with big eyes, just looking at us.  We stopped and I was still rubbing my pendant and talking to her.  I started walking again with Archie and she ducked around a few branches (shrubs) and stopped again only a few feet from me (she walking along with us and was face-to-face with us).  This went on a couple more times and then I just stopped and stared at her.  I think I asked her what she needed and I stopped rubbing my pendent.  She stared at use for a moment and then Archie took a step towards her and she turned and walked away from us and into the woods.  I realized as she was walking away that I had been rubbing my pendent in my fingers and I have no idea why I was doing that.  I felt elated and confused at the same time as I watched her walk away.  I have no idea what that was all about!  And then....as I was writing this down in my journal and looking at the dates, I realized this experience directly followed the "Receiving Messages + Seeing Signs" audio session last Thursday.  LOLOL.  So, not sure what the message was, but I definitely saw a sign connecting me to Spirit!  Ok then, better watch out for what you ask for.  hahaha.

By the way, while I've lived in my house for over 17 years, and I've always seen deer occasionally in my back yard, I've NEVER had a deer come right up to me and follow me on a walk.