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Are you confused about something?  Do you have mind chatter - that constant monologue or dialog in your mind - that keeps you up at night, and even causes you to lose focus during the day?
"Should I do this?  Should I do that?  Will I pass this exam?  Is he going to leave me?  Am I allergic to gluten?  Why can't I lose weight?  Should I move?  Stay here?  Look for a new job?  What did she mean by that?  Why did I say that?  Will I have enough money?  What really happened?" ...and on and on and on...

 Akashic Consulting can put all that to rest.

Here is how it works:

You take those questions running through your mind
and write them down.
During your session with me,
We connect with my Spirit Guides and Angels
and your Spirit Guides and Angels.
We open your Akashic Record
We research your questions.
We receive Divine guidance and find your answers.
I show you how you can do this for yourself, everyday.
Just imagine how great your life will be when peace of mind replaces the confusion and mind chatter.
 You can register for this reading any time.
However, this $50 discount -
ends at midnight tonight.
Click here and experience peace of mind.
When I receive your registration,
I will email you and we will schedule your session.
Your session can be recorded and emailed to you.
If you have any questions, let me know! 
Sending love,

Dr. Mary
Mary Baxter, PhD
(608) 279-7409

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