Reviews for the Intuitive Awakening Series

See what customers have to say about the Intuitive Awakening Series with Deborah Lighthart....

" I love, love, love this of the best investments EVER!!!!" - Tally Hayden

"... enjoying the series.  I'm seeing a lot of images, and have had 2 interesting dreams." - program participant

"I am loving these classes Deborah! Learning so much. When I grow up I want to be YOU!!!" - program participant

"It was very cool. A nice gentle cleanse. Thank you..." - Mary

"I am loving the Intuitive Awakening classes!!" - program participant

"Wonderful beginning! I'm so looking forward to expanding my knowledge and abilities!!"  - Sarah Prasser

"Great start to the program- super excited to continue the series!"  - Rachel Warnock

"Thank You for this teaching .. what a blessing ... #DeborahLighthartisanEarthAngel. ❤😇🙌❤"  - Paula Hammond

"Thank you Deb for our first Intuitive Awakening Session. You truly have blessed us all with a gift to connect with our own intuitive path. Can not wait until session two !!!! Have a good night! — feeling blessed."  - Sandie Neitzel

"... loving these classes !!!!! Feeling a higher awareness connecting with my angels and guides!!! You are blessing us all so Deb with your life stories and experiences (which I totally enjoy hearing about) letting us know we all have different ways our guides connect with us. Can not wait for the next class!!!! Thank you sweet Deb!!!!!" - program participant

"I have never experienced the sense of peace and renewal as I experienced during my first ever energy bath....." (click here for more details)   - Joy Weber