Joy's Experience with the Intuitive Awakening Series

The first session of the Intuitive Awakening 6-week series:

I have never experienced the sense of peace and renewal as I experienced during my first ever energy bath.  When the call started, I wasn't really sure what to expect and I was a little nervous about the whole thing.  As Deborah began the audio webcast, I had a few thoughts spinning around me and I just wasn't sure how this whole ordeal could possibly work....with the catastrophic power outage 2 days before, canceling the first launch....what was this night going to bring?  Also, we had a lot of people sitting on phones, staring at their computer screens (and screen saver if you're like me) and it just seemed strange that all of us would be able to connect together listening in on the audio broadcast.  Then, Deborah gracefully stepped in and seemingly anticipated my anxieties as she began talking.  It felt like she was in the room with me.  I had my Indian Rose Absolute oil going in the air diffuser and a candle, and as we started the session for the energy bath, I could feel all the frenetic energy dissipate.
My eyes were closed as Deborah spoke, and I touched my forehead with my fingertips.  Then, as she said to envision connecting upward, I shot straight into the night sky, and I was looking down at the earth.  It was so clear with no clouds below me.  At her suggestion, I reached out and connected to something unseen that became a blinding white light and then the light shot back down to the top of my head.  Luckily, Deborah suggested that the light was slow and like gentle water right before the light touched me and that's exactly what the light became.  The color I had felt was a hot orange color.  I began breathing it out and breathed in a cool green color.  Then, it shifted and I wanted to breathe out the green and replace it with deep purple.  

Fast forwarding, when our angel or spirit guide was to step forward, a young boy stepped forward for me.  He seemed to be about 10-12 years old with blonde hair.  I thought an angel should look like a strong warrior for some reason, but I pushed that thought away because perhaps the spirit/angel thought this would be the best way to introduce himself to me.  I smiled at him and I was so excited that he came forward.  Then, I was following him and he led me to a grassy hill.  As I looked around there was tall grass that was all around me with fields of lavender gently dancing with the wind I did not feel blowing.  There were trees far off in the distance at a perimeter all around us.  The boy looked back at me and started laughing, he ran, and I chased him.  The hill changed underneath us like it was rolling waves in the ocean and then we started walking again.  I was so happy and peaceful I did not want to come out of the meditation.  I quick asked him his name before I left and I thought he said Charles.  That name doesn't really seem like an angel name...I'm not sure if I heard him right.  I can't wait to see him again.

The rest of the evening and the next morning, I felt a calm that I have never felt before.  Thank you Deborah.  That was magical.
Yours truly,