How the need for safety can keep us stuck

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If you're longing for a fresh start with Spring in the air, this month's newsletter is definitely for you. Keep reading for the reason why letting go can be hard, and a simple strategy that can help you break free from the past.

To new beginnings!


Getting unstuck so you can move forward

We are in what many people feel is an in-between season. The rush of the New Year has passed, often along with the determination to keep resolutions. And Spring seemed to arrive late, especially for those on the east coast.  If you live in a wintry place, this sense of limbo can feel especially stark: the longing for some fresh beginning, some proof that transformation is possible. The waiting can be hard, and sometimes it can feel like we're stuck in Winter forever — both the literal and the metaphorical kind.  

At this time of year, on the verge of a new season, it's a great time to look at the role that clutter plays in keeping us bound to the past.

There's a reason that Spring Cleaning, even with all its dust and built-up grime, is a profoundly liberating act: it is intentional, declarative. It clears out what isn't working and makes room for something fresh, something alive with light and new energy.

We all have different preferences and tolerances for the amount of stuff that surrounds us. The important distinction lies in recognizing what kinds of things we're surrounding ourselves with.

In our living and working spaces, clutter can be more than just things that take up physical space. Everything we keep comes with its own story. When we hold onto things that reinforce unconscious habits, old hurts, and ways of thinking that don't serve us, we can unknowingly anchor ourselves in unhealthy choices and behaviors from the past, despite our best intentions and earnest efforts. We want to be free and to live freely — but we often get in our own way...
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