Energy Integration Tips by Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee, Owner of Body Botanicals
HELLO dear classmates of the Intuitive Awakening Series!  

I'd like to offer some options for easing the physical side of spiritual detox.  I'm hoping to make a video over the weekend, but this will probably be a more thorough resource.  A little bit about my background- I'm trained and certified in Ayurveda, which is herbal medicine from India, and addresses body, mind, and spirit.  I'm also a Reiki Master Teacher. So I've worked my way through my own detoxes, and helped others as well.  Hopefully these tips help you as well!  

Let's get into it;
Of course, breathing into any point of tension in the body, taking walks in nature, stretching, salt baths- those are all things I would go to first and foremost.  

-Detox Mudra:  there's a point on the inside of your ring finger that helps with detoxing- particularly emotional or spiritual detoxing.  Take your thumb and place it between your ring finger and your middle finger at the base, with the pad of your thumb facing the ring finger.  Hold this mudra for 30 seconds while taking deep breaths.  Repeat as necessary.  

-Shoo Mantra: This one is great for pain accumulating around a joint- ie. Hips, neck, etc.  Over time, men will often store energy from traumatic events in their neck/ chest areas, while women do so in their hips.  These are places in your body where you may experience the most re-occurring trouble, and also where Shoo Mantra can help most.  Shoo Mantra increases blood flow and oxygen to that part of the body and relieves pain. 

Inhale deeply through your nose while tilting your head or your spine as far back comfortably.  On the exhale, make a loud, audible "Shhhhhhhh" noise as you bring your head or your spine forward in a complimentary motion.  

Head goes back on the inhale, forward on the exhale.  
Spine goes back on the inhale, forward as much as is comfortable on the exhale.  

However, if things persist and you need a more physical, internal approach:

1. Alkaline water- find some water that has a PH level between 7.5 and 8.5.  You should be able to find this at a local co-op or health food store.  Drink this between meals,or use it to make your tea.  This helps to clean and clear out inflammation, balances the body, and hydrates at a deeper level.

1.5 Coconut water- if you have trouble finding the alkaline water, coconut water is a great option as well, providing many of the same benefits.  It's better than alkaline water in terms of cellular re-generation, but the alkaline water is more balancing.  

2. Herbal teas- Avoid teas that contain caffeine during spiritual detox (green, black, white, oolong, etc).  Favor herbs or Rooibos teas.  

For the heart: My favorites for spiritual detox are Tulsi based teas.  Organic India has a whole line of Tulsi teas and their Tulsi Rose blend is one I recommend HIGHLY for spiritual detox. We could talk for hours on the benefits- physical, emotional, and spiritual- of this tea blend, but basically it covers and balances all your bases, focusing specifically in on your heart. (This is usually available at a co-op or health food store)

Drink the tulsi/ rose blend as often as needed during your spiritual detox, until your heart is more soothed.  

Bonus: Tulsi is often used to counteract the negative effects of fluoride on the Pineal Gland, so when taken more regularly, that's an added benefit. 1 cup/ day is the recommended dose, and it can be any tulsi blend tea.  

If your discomfort is more digestion based, try the tulsi peppermint blend.  Or, if you're able to buy single herbs, you can blend tulsi and green rooibos together to make your own. 

3. For general fuzziness and a clouded brain- Detox Spice Tea: This is a tea I give to my clients to help them clean out their bodies.  It is a diuretic, and please don't drink it for more than 7 days straight

Boil 3 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds and 1 tablespoon of corriander seeds (use the whole seed) for 10 minutes.  You can choose to strain the seeds out or eat them. Pour the liquid (with seeds optional) into a thermos so it stays warm, and drink it but by bit throughout the day.   

4. Favor vegetarian or vegan foods over the next few days.  This helps your body to assimilate to the higher vibrations.  Indian Dahl is an excellent grounding meal option that balances the body.  There are numerous recipes online, but be wary of making it too spicy.

Oils and Massage:

Negative energy leaves the body through two main places: the feet, and a tertiary chakra on the left side of the stomach, between the ribs and hip bone.  You can choose an essential oil below, add a few drops to 2-3 tbls sesame or olive oil and rub those areas to help stimulate the release of negative energies.  

-Spikenard: This is one of the best for spiritual detox, but unfortunately it's not super common here in the west and you may have to order it online.  It's excellent for meditation and for people who get headaches (You can dab it around the neck and temples).  It's often blended with Lavender and that's great as well.

-Rose oil, rose hydrosol, or rose water: Rose is so powerful in balancing the heart and the firey, emotional elements of the body.  Rose oil is expensive, but rose water or rose hydrosol, are more wallet- friendly and equally as effective.  Use the water or hydrosol directly, no need to mix that with a base oil.  

-Geranium (also commonly mixed with rose)

-Clary Sage

- Lavender

- Eucalyptus

If you're a fan of crystals, you can also take the stone of your choice and massage is over the soles of your feet and the side of your stomach.  My favorites are labradorite, selenite, and black moonstone- but pretty much all crystals work to remove negative energy in some way shape or form, so feel free to use what works for you.     

With love and all good things- Rachel Lee