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The "A New Brain, A New Beginning: Immersion Retreat" is an intimate, 3-day retreat that frees your fear-based lower brain. It is set within a collective framework designed to leverage the power and resonant potential of the group. A brand new 'we space' in consciousness will be liberated at this Immersion and a new sacred community will emerge.
Check out a few survey responses from our 2016 Immersion attendee, Risa Rae…

What is the greatest gift you received from this retreat experience?
Being in a healing process. There were many things that arose during the Immersion and it's difficult to single out only one as being the greatest. I went deep into a healing process the first day and felt completely supported during the Immersion and available for whatever was ready to witness whatever was ready to show up without attachment.
Would you recommend this retreat to a friend? Why?
Yes, without a doubt. I believe that the Higher Brain Living® work is profound and it's TIME!


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