Spring Enlightened Wellness and Detox Program

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Spring is the season often associated with cleaning.  Once the weather begins to become milder and warmer, many of us may do a "spring cleaning" of our homes.  In Ayurveda, spring is also a season for "spring cleaning" of ourselves.  It is a time when our bodies are ready to release toxins built up due to poor digestion, contaminated foods and injuries.
​Be enlightened to how WELL you can feel today and everyday.

If you are feeling ready to release weight, gain energy and clean up your nutrition and self care routines, the Enlightened Wellness and Detox Program is worth considering. I specifically created the Enlightened Wellness and Detox Program to help gently reset your body's natural ability to regulate, heal and detox for optimal wellness through a personally designed two week guided program. With all the supplies and support you need to be successful, this two week home based cleanse can be done by just about anyone.

In just two weeks, you can begin to rebuild healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits that promote wellness and natural detoxification.  Each Program is personally designed for you to build self awareness and create a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.   
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