🌺 Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Life!

Hi The Healing Community!

I am excited to announce my brand new program, "The Blueprint to Manifesting Your Life"! This program will allow you to step up your manifesting game to make you the architect for your life with 4 fun-filled classes of growth and manifesting transformation!

The program consists of 4 classes with a private Facebook group to create community, answer your questions and provide guidance through the program and share success. This course is developed to provide you with new knowledge, tools and inspiration to set you on the path to manifesting genius!

Once you enroll, you will receive access to the private Facebook group and a confirmation email with meeting instructions with 48 hours. Keep in mind, if you can't make the live class, you can always watch it later at your convenience in the Facebook group!

I am offering you a $300 discount on this program! Your investment discount is for a limited time so act now to create magic for your life. 
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Keep Reading for Class Descriptions! 

Raise your Vibration
Class Date:
March 21st
We all have a personal energetic field – a form of energy that dictates what kind of circumstances and events we will attract into our lives. The Blueprint to Manifest Your Life Program will help you understand those things that raise your energetic field and those things that take away from it.
When you increase your vibration it will allow you to create your desires into your life.

Map Your Vision
Class Date:
April 4th
A vision map is one way to help define and visualize what you want your future to look like. It's one way to make your dreams, desires, things and goals tangible. There are also ways to make manifesting your vision more effective. When you learn this part in The Blueprint to Manifesting Your Life Program, you will be able to create specific steps to make your vision a reality.

Declutter Yourself
Class Date:
April 18th
This is a secret ingredient to manifesting more rapidly. When you become aware of how to declutter your mind, your home and some relationships, you will achieve success more quickly. The Blueprint Program will guide you to clear and understand how conscious decluttering at numerous levels will ignite manifesting magic for you.

Create Your Success
Class Date:
May 2nd
This part of The Blueprint to Manifesting Your Life Program will tie everything together for you to have a solid understanding and finish the pieces for your Manifesting Blueprint. This will help clarify your vision to the next level. Why is this is important? Because when you know exactly all the pieces you need to manifest and know where you're headed, you're more likely to actually manifest that arrival!

I am offering you a $300 discount on this program! Your investment discount is for a limited time so act now to create magic for your life. 
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I look forward to guiding you through The Blueprint to Manifesting Your Life Program, The Healing Community! The time is now for you to create the right manifesting recipe for you!

Onward, Upward & Inward,

Tally Hayden
Intuitive Alignment Coach, We Rise Coaching

Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator

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