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Hi The Healing Community,

The free Manifesting Your Life webinar last week was an awesome success, and there was a demand to have more options to join it. Click on the button below and join me on Wednesday, March 8th or one of the other dates available to make some magic happen in your life!

Don't forget, it's totally free and you can join from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Manifesting is not new, but creating the right mindset and environment will add to your success of obtaining what your heart desires. Manifesting just means "make it real". It's not magic. Now I love magic but even a magician has a unique mindset and creates the environment for the magic to happen. That is what I am going to do on this free webinar!

I received some exciting feedback from last week's webinar – one of the suggestions I asked the attendees to do has created a valuable asset for manifesting their success! I also provided a HUGE pointer at the start of your day that will allow manifesting to happen quicker.

You want to attend this free webinar if you:
  • Have hopes and dreams that have not come to form
  • Are not sure where to start to create more abundance and prosperity for yourself
  • Have tried the law of attraction and it didn't work
  • Are lacking the belief and self-worth to allow goodness into your life
  • Want to receive some free nuggets that will impact your life immediately
You will learn:
  • The one myth that sabotages your vision from happening
  • 7 reasons why your dreams haven't manifested!
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You often hear people say "knowledge is power". I believe knowledge is powerful in expanding and changing your life, so I hope to see you on the webinar to gain new knowledge.

Onward, Upward & Inward,

Tally Hayden
Intuitive Alignment Coach, We Rise Coaching

Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator

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P.S. Here is some great inspiration from Bob Proctor who is known as America's greatest prosperity teacher: