March Facial Special

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March Special on Ayurvedic Face Treatments

Look and feel the hands of time roll back, allowing your radiant beauty to shine! 

Starting today, Bodhi Ayurveda is excited to begin offering Ayurvedic Face treatments.  What makes an Ayurvedic Face Treatment special? Traditionally called mukhalepanam, this divine spa treatment is customized to your skin's dosha and seasonal needs using Ajara* Skin Care products.  During the treatment, your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized.  Unique to Ayurveda, a rejuvenating face massage stimulates marma vital energy points, awakening the flow of healing prana to the face.  This 50 Minute treatment restores suppleness, nourish the skin and release tension and worry lines. Tiredness and tension are dispelled leaving your complexion blissfully vibrant, light and refreshed.

Introductory pricing for March only $49
Regular price $69

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*Ajara ayurvedic skin care products are 100% natural and preservative free.