Introducing The EPOCH6 New Human Revolution!


Do you ever think your life is meant for more? Have you been searching for the missing link to living your purpose?
You are invited to join a new revolutionary movement that is leading the way to humanity's conscious evolution. It's called EPOCH6 and we are excited to announce The New Human Immersion launches March 31, 2017!

Our mission is to spark a New Human revolution in conscious evolution by liberating the body's sacred energy, awakening the Higher Brain potential, and igniting the heart's purpose.

EPOCH6 has evolved from decades of foundational techniques and research established by Higher Brain Living®. Our 4-week program maintains the integrity, depth and significant results, yet allows us to impact transformation more quickly, in a consistent and profound way. In essence, we have "hacked the system."

The New Human Immersion

We are inviting 100 influencers in the Chicago area to be the first to experience our E6 New Human Immersion. It is a 4-week program that provides powerful in-person experiences and online education to shift your brain's physiology and awaken you to endless possibilities. It is essentially a rite of passage that will illuminate how all areas of your life – mind, body, relationships and environment – are interconnected, allow you to discover your life's purpose and begin LIVING as your highest authentic self. With sustainable transformation in your biology and beliefs you will have the tools to consciously design your life and begin experiencing true meaning, purpose, passion, connection and bliss.

E6 Living + Research

In order to continue on a path of growth and start living as The New Human, you will receive two bonus months of ongoing E6 Membership that includes access to unlimited E6 Yoga & E6 Mediation (it's unlike anything you've experienced before), revolutionary daily practice, E6 Sessions, talks, events and a thriving community.
We are also thrilled to offer access to our QEEG brain scan technology which allows you to see measurable data of the change in your brain's physiology before and after our program.

Please go to to see further details on the Immersion program and Membership offerings.

It is so beautiful to wake up to your potential and even more so to LIVE it. We hope you will say YES and join us. We are reminded that the world needs us now more than ever to live as our highest selves, spreading consciousness, joy and love.

RITA! (Revolution is in the Air!)

Your EPOCH6 Team,
Tracy Brinkman, Co-Founder + Director of Operations
Michael Cotton, Founder
Laura Cotton, Director of Retreat Experience + E6Yoga
Luke Jensen, Founder
Alison Ooms, Director of Research
Katie Rust, Co-Founder + Chief Marketing Officer
Disclaimer: The EPOCH6 New Human Immersion is for new clients only. It does not apply to existing, active Higher Brain Living® clients. Please contact us at if you have questions about joining.