Which Audience Are You Speaking To?

Dear Healing Community,

I once had a coach who told me that I should not write content speaking to an audience who is not investing, to only speak to those who are.
I currently have a strategist who says we are here to "wake people up," and I could not agree more.
You see, that is the difference between having a coach or mentor who is 100% tuned into Divine alignment and one who says they are tuned in.
I learned a lot about writing, ideal client mindset, positioning, offer structures, and daily structure from the coach who told me to not speak to those who aren't investing. I also went into hiding, had two consecutive low-income months, started over-giving, stopped sending client contracts, and disempowered myself the entire time. I realized that this coach was not accepting or seeing me for my full capabilities and at the end of the program I was not able to raise my prices AND I created an offer where I delivered 1,000% more value than what I was charging for.
I do not blame this coach for any of the misalignments. In fact, I know that I experienced the misalignments so that I could have a contrasting experience to feel what alignment actually is. That was an incredibly healing time in my life.
As a Lightworking entrepreneur it is CRUCIAL that you invest with coaches, strategists, and mentors who are tuned into the Divine, that can SEE you fully, who are getting real and not pretending things are okay when they are not.
A quality mentor will trigger you, they will invite you to heal and feel rather than stuffing away your emotions. They will invite you to step up and they will NOT engage or support a lack story or lack mentality. They will invite you to RISE into a power that is greater than anything you have ever known for your life and your business.
The content that is flowing in for me right now is all about getting to the real core of who we are as Spiritual entrepreneurs, healing karma, aligning, and reading/interpreting the energy of a budding entrepreneur because folks, if you think that you aren't going to have to work to make it happen, you are wrong!
I always refer back to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean, to paraphrase, he says: All thou must labor, so choose wisely!
We are on this planet to work, manifest, create and have a physical experience.
Being a spiritual being, a guide to others, and a guide to yourself is an amazing gift... you can definitely learn to defy the "rules" of society and the governing belief system of collective consciousness. The sooner you embrace your growth, the sooner you are going to have a rich life!
I embrace my journey of working with the coach who taught me many lessons. I embrace where I am now and the deep healing I am experiencing from having an amazing community of support from mentors, friends, colleagues and partners across the globe. I love being able to support my clients locally and across the globe, to support their growth and hold space for them to heal and fully realize themselves.

Do not let stress win. Do not let challenges win. Do not let obstacles win.
Allow the Divine within you to win each and every day and when you feel "off" ask yourself "how am I limiting myself right now?" because chances are chronic stress and limiting consciousness are telling you a different story than what is actually going on.
Healing Community, are you ready to stop the cycle of scarcity to start manifesting your biggest dreams and goals?

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