The Intuitive Awakening Series

a 6 Week Program for Psychic + Spiritual Development with Deborah Lighthart
April 6-May 18   Mons+Thus  8pm-9pm CDT
Attend by Phone from these 63 Countries or Online from Anywhere in the World
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This program is designed to help you awaken your intuition, open your spiritual connections and develop your psychic awareness. Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader and energy healer for over 20 years. Having read for 1000's of people from all walks of life, she has gained a wealth of wisdom to share with you to help you access your higher consciousness faster and easier than ever.

In this series, we will explore 12 ways to expand your intuitive awareness and Deborah will offer energetic support to accomplish your goals. Sessions are offered twice/week for 6 weeks. You can attend just one session or as many as you like. All calls are recorded, so you can listen later and/or repeat as needed.

No Supplies Needed! While Deborah may suggest various crystals, essential oils and other optional items, all you really need is a notebook, a pen and your open mind. VIDEO ON WHY YOU'LL WANT A JOURNAL
No Experience Necessary! This series is great for beginners and advanced intuitives alike. We can all grow together and learn from each other's experiences, no matter what level of awareness you're currently in.

RSVP BELOW for $20/ea -OR-  CLICK HERE to Get ALL 12 for $195
If you have trouble registering or you do not receive an email receipt for your payment, please contact Deborah directly at 262.377.8885 or by EMAIL HERE
Intro to the Intuitive Awakening Series
Connecting to Your Higher Consciousness
  Awakening your Inner Psychic, Opening Your Third Eye
   Tuning into Your Heart, Where you Really do Know it All
Thu, Apr 20:  Trusting Your Gut, Clearing + Detoxing   RSVP HERE
Mon, Apr 24:  Connecting with your Guardian Angels   RSVP HERE
Thu, Apr 27:  Receiving Messages + Seeing Signs   RSVP HERE
Mon, May 1:  Clearing Your Energy Field + Correcting Mistakes   RSVP HERE
Thu, May 4: Activating + Understanding Your Body's Signals   RSVP HERE
Mon, May 8:  Testing Yourself with Exercises + Games   RSVP HERE
Thu, May 11:  Dreams + Dream Interpretation   RSVP HERE
Mon, May 15:  Dowsing for Clarity + Details   RSVP HERE
Thu, May 18:  How to Really Believe in Yourself   RSVP HERE

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