The Intuitive Awakening Series

This audio series is designed to help you awaken your intuition, open your spiritual connections and develop your psychic awareness. Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader and energy healer for over 20 years. Having read for 1000's of people from all walks of life, she has gained a wealth of wisdom to share with you to help you access your higher consciousness faster and easier than ever. These recorded classes offer tips and techniques to help you fine tune your intuitive abilities, as well as energetic support in your auric field to achieve higher frequencies.

No Experience or Supplies Necessary! 
No Special Supplies Needed!

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In this program, You'll get:
All 13 of the following Audio Sessions 
PLUS the Personal Transformation Workbook,
a Live Monthly Energy Bath Tune-up Session
AND Unlimited Email Support 

* Intro to the Intuitive Awakening Series *
* Connecting to Your Higher Consciousness *
* Opening Your Third Eye *
  * Tuning into Your Heart *
* Trusting Your Gut, Cleansing + Detoxing *
* Connecting with your Guardian Angels *
* Receiving Messages + Seeing Signs *
* Clearing Your Energy Field + Correcting Mistakes *
* Activating + Understanding Your Body's Signals *
* Testing Yourself with Exercises + Games *
* Dreams + Dream Interpretation *
* Dowsing for Clarity + Details *
* How to Really Believe in Yourself *

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