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When you know how to access and operate the innate power from your Higher Brain, you can help others do the same.

FREE EVENT: March 10, 2017 // University of Miami // 7PM - 9PM

Mark your calendar! Join us LIVE on March 10th at the University of Miami for a free event that you do not want to miss...
When your Higher Brain (pre-frontal cortex) receives the surge of energy that can be "turned on" in your body, your fear-based lower brain loses its grip on you. The lower brain only wants things to stay the same—this means that it doesn't like goals, dreams or ambitions. It likes safety—in other words, it doesn't want you to change your life in any way.
Your Higher Brain, on the other hand, does like goals, dreams and ambitions. It is the part of the brain that experiences joy, passion, clarity, confidence and purpose. Your Higher Brain is capable of seeing the path to ignite and fulfill your highest potential. When you experience the Higher Brain energy, you will open up to a brand new look on life. You will recognize the power hidden in every body and you will want to show them how to access it.
This is the "movement" everyone is talking about…the revolutionary technique that is unlike any other self-development/self-help program. And why is it different? Apart from all the above, the Higher Brain Living® Protocol results in physiological changes in the brain that can be measured by EEG scans—it is backed by science and has proven results.

Learn more by attending this FREE presentation and see a LIVE, mind-blowing demonstration!

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($97 at the door)