Are Your Offers Misaligned?

Dear Healing Community!

I have discovered a very clear gauge of knowing whether or not your offers are misaligned:
You sabotage yourself from reaching out to client leads.
You KNOW you should be reaching out to your potential clients, especially those who express interest in your work, but you stop yourself.

You disempower yourself by saying "she probably can't afford it" or you rattle something off from the list of excuses. But, the truth is, you just don't love your offer.

You could be doing this for a number of reasons:

#1 Your offer is too much of a time commitment.
Your offer is too short and doesn't allow the potential for transformation
#3 Your offer is priced too high in relation to #1 & #2
#4 Your offer is priced too low in relation to #1 & #2
#5 The content of your offer isn't aligned to how you are best meant to show up
#6 You are operating from someone else's business model
#7 Everything about the offer is misaligned

Any combination of #1 - 7 will prevent you from selling & making money.

It's the truth and you aren't going to find many mentors, coaches, and strategists who will give it to you real like this, you can thank me later!
Healing Community, are you ready to stop the cycle of scarcity to start manifesting your biggest dreams and goals?

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with so much LOVE,