Are you too old for this?

Dear The Healing Community,

We've all heard the old adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". The underlying thought there, of course, is that once you get past a certain age or life stage, everything is cemented — your routines, your habits, your abilities, your potential.

Thankfully — most thankfully! — the truth is that this saying is not based in reality, and that not only change, but real, incredible transformation is possible at any age, any time.  And even better, we now have the brain research that backs this up.

Keep reading to find out how the brain can change, and the things you can do today that keep your brain young.

To all our new tricks,


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The Secret To A Younger Brain

We know that the brain is plastic — that is, new connections can be forged at any time that literally change the shape and function of a person's brain, regardless of age or intelligence level.

Scientists have known for a few decades now that our experiences trigger neuroplastic change in the brain. For example, a study done on taxi drivers found that they have larger posterior hippocampi, a brain structure important for spatial representation of the environment, because they spend their days experiencing and practicing the skill of navigation, orientation, and visualizing routes.

New research, however, is finding something even more amazing: our thoughts have just as powerful an effect on brain transformation as our experiences.

Dr. Richard J. Davidson is one of the most influential people in the field of neuroscience today. His groundbreaking work has led to exciting discoveries in the areas of brain health, the brain's potential to heal itself, and the powerful role that emotions play in how our brains function. Not surprisingly, he has worked side by side with the world's most renowned scientists, written hundreds of articles, and edited dozens of papers and books.

Perhaps even more notable, though, is the fact that he...
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