Affirmation for Creating a Joyful Life

Affirmations are statements of intention that help you align your conscious creation with your reality. Basically, they are words you say to help reprogram your body, mind and spirit to be in alignment with the life experience you want to be having. I wrote this one yesterday for a friend of mine and thought it could help other people too, so I wanted to share it. Please feel free to use it as is, or tweak it to your personal needs. - Love, Deborah Lighthart

I now release all patterns and programs that create the need to have anything crash down around me. I no longer need the vibrations of chaos and drama to learn and grow.

I lovingly embrace my joy without shame or regret, as I've had more than enough of that.

I allow myself to live in heaven on earth, feeling all the happiness and bliss I choose.

I surround myself daily with all of the safety and protection needed.

I'm so grateful for the support from the Universe to achieve this goal. I lovingly accept the assistance of my guardian angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and all beings of love and light available. May we all align easily and effortlessly.