A Time for Love

With all of the current chaos and conflict in our country and Valentine's Day just around the corner, I'd like to invite you all to consider where you are aligning your actions, thoughts, emotions and energies. While it is always important to honor your beliefs, I've seen a whole lot of really hardcore negativity and downright hateful comments being made on all sides of the fences.

Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. Holding love in your heart in all situations allows the highest vibrational energies to flow for all involved. If we want to see positive change in the world, we need to be a force for positive energy. We need to let love guide every step we take. We need to stand in love firmly and fearlessly. We need to be the shining example that leads the way for those around us.

So, this Valentine's Day, I invite you to join me in being the love that we all want to see in the world. Let's be that force of compassion and grace that we are deep inside. Not just with those of like mind, but with all living beings, regardless of their political views or religious differences or any other reason. The more seeds of love and respect we plant, the more will grow and  the bigger the harvest for future generations.

Happy Healing,

Deborah Lighthart,
Healing Community Organizer