The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The first references of the 5 Elements dates back to 476 BC. It is considered the theory of the 5 Elements and its application to our health marks the beginning of what we call scientific medicine. It is the study of the natural rhythms of our body. It is from a time before stethoscopes, x-ray machines, thermometers, refrigeration or meteorologists.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 5 Elements and I also LOVE sharing it with others. The information is remarkably interesting, helpful and useful.
Do you know what an earache and a hysterectomy have in common? How about pancreatic cancer and the loss of your closest friend? What does a tongue fungus have to do with a broken heart??? How come I don't want to have teeth pulled in January? How curious is it that Valentine's Day and Congestive Heart Disease Month are in February? 
By understanding the 5 Elements we can trace the source of an imbalance and anticipate potential problems. With this knowledge we are able to either curb problems or prevent them.  
Here are a couple of comments from previous students:
"Have you ever wondered how the elements are tied to your body? Why certain times of the year things flare up, such as emotions, skin conditions, etc.? I highly recommend joining one of these classes. My dear friend Denise Gagner is a 5 Elements superstar and she can break down 5 Elemental Healing in terms that can be understood without any previous knowledge of the subject."
"Amazing job Denise Gagner! Thank you for sharing your wisdom." 🙏💚
 "Your boundless desire to help - may reach further than you know - as I'm sure you know but thought it would OK to offer up a reminder."  

"Thanks for sharing with us. You are helping so many people." 

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