Monthly Newsletter

DECEMBER 2016                          

The Holidays are Here!

The holidays are a great time to gather with loved ones. To celebrate life, no matter what our differences. But let's be honest, those differences can be hard to embrace. Gathering with family and friends can sometimes feel more like hugging a porcupine. A very angry porcupine. A very angry porcupine with strong personal (or political) opinions who is ready to shoot quills at anyone who challenges them.

Enduring porcupine quills reminds me of watching yogis lay on a bed of nails when I was a kid. I remember staring at the tv in awe, as these highly spiritual people would lay down and relax themselves in what looked to me like a medieval torture device. Their skin is not any thicker than ours. They are made of the same stuff that we are. They have just mastered the art of being at peace no matter what. No matter what nails are stabbing into them. No matter what tense emotional moments they are standing in. No matter what wounds are touched in them or what political discussions arise. They stay at peace NO MATTER WHAT.

Those are some mad skills, right there! This is one art I'd really like to master. And, one you may need to practice during this holiday season. I pray that your ccelebrations are all filled with unconditional love and perfect bliss, but if they aren't, I pray that you find your state of grace and your own personal peace no matter what.

Happy Healing,

Deborah Lighthart,
Healing Community Organizer