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Learn about the breakthrough technique that energizes your Higher Brain for long-lasting joy, passion, peace and purpose!

December 8, 2016 // New York Open Center* // 7PM - 9PM

Deborah, imagine if you could...
  • Change the actual physiology of your Higher Brain (pre-frontal cortex)
  • Not only help your clients think more clearly, but have sustainable change in their lives
  • Create a new career or strengthen the one you have
  • Go to work every day knowing you are affecting positive change for others that has far reaching potential
  • Consistently see your clients achieve the results they say they want
  • Be on the leading edge of groundbreaking information and applications that are life changing
  • Experience a personal increase of clarity, confidence and purpose as a result of just doing your job
  • Be a catalyst of change for yourself and others
  • Leave a legacy of hope and know that you made a difference

The good news don't have to just imagine. Others just like you have made this goal a reality!

"I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities and therapy techniques in addition to my education in Psychology, Social Work, and Trauma Studies. I've never been to any other training where I've learned a technique as revolutionary as this, or where I've also received sessions to energize my Prefrontal Cortex, in a room of many others doing the same, and experienced the collective consciousness unfold in such a tangible manner. Above all, this training is an experience of humanity as we ought to be, an experience of a new culture that we are actually creating."
~ Cheryl Weber, MN ~

Attend a LIVE, mind-blowing demonstration at this FREE presentation!

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*This event is not affiliated with the New York Open Center.