Finding Your Inner Joy

Dear Healing Community,

This week's Soul Signature inspiration features a live interview I did for a colleague's podcast on Finding Your Inner Joy.

The interview was conducted by Lore Earley, her podcast is centered around guiding others to find their joy by connecting with interviewees who are in joyful alignment with their lives & businesses. That would be me! 

I enjoyed so much going back and re-listening to my answers while observing the direction that the interview took. I've been though some powerful transformations in the last few years – shifting from sickness to success.

In this interview you get a glimpse into just how I made the transition + some more info on my background as an entrepreneur. You may listen by clicking the link below or head over to itunes to access the podcast and leave a comment.

Have an abundant week & I hope you enjoy the interview.

Celia Faye Meisel