Post Election 2016

Sending every single person in my world all the love I can. We are all humans, struggling to be all that we can be in a world that doesn't always make that very easy. Tonight, I am holding you in my heart, no matter who you voted for or IF you voted. I love that you are here in the world, trying to find your way through it. Trying to love and to be loved in whatever ways you know how. Tonight, I'm with her. And with him. And with you. Because this life is effing hard enough, and we all need each other, but most of all, we need the light to shine into our hearts and to guide us to unity, to harmony and to oneness. And only love can do that. We need to know that we are not defined by our government. We are not diminished by the unenlightened aspects of ourselves or of each other. Every single experience is an opportunity to learn to love a little more. And THAT, is the one and only reason that we are here on this crazy, spinning sphere of a planet. To love. And to be loved. Nothing and no one will ever stop me from doing exactly that. #letlovereign #standinthelight #nevergiveup