Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Story?

Dear Powerful Lightworker!

Is it time for you to rewrite your story? The story that you are telling yourself every day about what you can and can not do, why your career is going one way but you are ready to be in a whole new realm.

I spent so many years stuck in a story. My story was framed around how I felt victimized as a child, how I didn't have any power over my choices or circumstances, and that story even followed me into the early stages of my coaching career.

When I began my transformational work as a coach and started working in the Akashic Records to clear my personal soul-level blockages, and my clients 
soul-level blockages, I discovered that there was potential for so much more than the lives that so many Lightworkers are currently living.

Soon after the biggest clearing that I had ever given myself, one of my Spiritual Guides showed me of my calling to serve Lightworkers, a calling I had been waiting my entire life to receive. My calling instantly shifted me into the next phase of my journey and cleared some self-imposed road blocks that I had put up around myself and my business.

Suddenly my story shifted and I was able to step away from ego-based manifesting alone, which only served my individual desires, and shift into universal manifesting which aligned me to manifesting at a much greater level, serving the collective as a whole.

When it comes to the story you are currently telling yourself, there is one key area that most Lightworkers are getting stuck with, the 4th Dimensional aspect of your story.

Let's explore a few of the dimensions at a deeper level:

The 5th Dimension is where unconditional love and truth reside, they are where the Akashic Records also reside. When you channel, do healing work, readings, coach clients at a high level, and create ideas or any art form you are connecting with this dimension. In 5D everything is shifted instantly.

The 4th Dimension is where your thoughts, feelings and emotions reside. If you are doing all of the above 5D activities but keeping your story revolving around past traumas, current fears, or future worries you are blocking all of your manifesting desires from entering the 3rd Dimension!

The 3rd Dimension is where you live! 3D is dense and requires WORK and action to manifest. You can very easily channel the most beautiful life experience into the 3D but first you must clear out, heal, and make peace with the 4D baggage. Your 4D story can serve as the most powerful catalyst for transformation when you learn to work with it, rather than stay stuck or lost.

So many Lightworkers are loving the feeling of the 5D, while telling themselves a worn out story in 4D and NOT manifesting the life that they truly desire in the 3D because of being stuck in the 4D story.

This message is here to bring you knowledge - because knowledge and understanding are power!!! When you finally free yourself from the internal baggage you are going to be amazed with the life that you create for yourself.

To support you further with this message I have create an 18 minute video training for you to watch - please watch until the end because I have a very special announcement for a program that I am running next week called 11:11 The Lightworkers Wakeup Call.

To get on a call with me and explore how to start rewriting your story instantly visit and schedule your session for next week. Time is of the essence, Lightworker!

Blissfully yours,

Celia Faye Meisel