Shape Your Words for a Good Future

a post by Lori Ann Victoria of The Gypsy Garden

Shape your words for a Good Future.  It's not as difficult as it may sound.  It's as simple as speaking what's in your heart.  Calmly and clearly and with intent.  

As you may or may not know, I am a firm believer in positive voicing.  I make a real effort to speak with purpose and am very reluctant to speak about or give energy to things which I do not want to perpetuate. Or that I would not wish to manifest!  I  don’t watch the news for this reason.  Friends know I'm stubborn about this!

So it's comforting for me to read a channeling letting me know that I am right to stand up for what I feel is necessary and not feed into doom and gloom.  I follow a different direction.  I've got my eyes pointed the other way!  UP!

Even if, there are unhealthy things going on in the world, don’t give it your attention.  Energy flows where attention goes and we don’t want that.  If you want change, speak it!   Look where you want to go!  Speak what you want to see! 
Here are a few pieces of an article, a Channeling of Kryon, that really spoke to me and echo what I have been seeing lately:

“old souls are being asked to do things that only old souls can do;  it is time to start practicing mastery, to treat others differently.   Most of the planet is still in an ‘expectation of doom” mode; old souls are asked to communicate to others in loving, not argumentative ways, that things are getting better and the expectations of doom are incorrect; this must be done or it will slow the progress we could otherwise make by many generations.”

 Not all of us have this job, but if you are reading this, and know in your heart that these words are true, then this message is for you!  You are the one we are waiting for!  Use your power to create a positive change.  Don’t follow the masses, don’t give in to the fear.  Use your words to lift us up!

“You are awakening to a grander truth for the planet, a truth that doesn’t just belong to a niche amount of believers.  It’s for the whole planet.  Therefore, I’m telling you something that involves the whole planet.  But the old souls are the graduates.  You have most of the experience.  You have profound consciousness that can change energy.”

If you are one of the change makers, the change-speakers I am talking to, you will hear this important plea.   Do not fall into the trap of following the fear that has been created.   Use your heart and words to lift up!  Do not be concerned about prophecies, or past occurrences.  Those ways are old.  That is from the Old earth, before the New Dawn we have created.  Don’t look there.  We are not going that way!
Kryon says  

“Dear ones, the prophecies have come and gone.  You are in the clear.  But the ripples are still there of the old energy. When you hear those speak of it. You can tell them this. “Well, it didn’t happen. We got a good future ahead.”

We’ve got a good future ahead.  Many of us know this.  Many of us believe this in our hearts and those of us that do believe are strong and getting stronger every day.  But it’s not enough to simply believe anymore.  We, who are the catalysts of change have been called to voice our inner knowings and   Share them with the world, must send out as much good positive and life-changing energy as we can, whenever we can, in a loving, peaceful and knowing way.  We must use our voices for change. 
Speak what you know in your heart. 

“They will start giving you chapter and verse of the old energy.  They’ll tell you what has happened and therefore and therefore. They’ll pull the politics of the day into it, they’ll say and therefore and therefore. And you don’t have to convince them. All you have to do is show them you don’t agree. 
In a loving way, you can say,  ” yeah, I don’t think so. I feel something good is coming.”

Old souls carry weight. You carry with your family, with your children, with your friends, with your colleagues. And the weight you carry is because of who you are and who they see in you. Are you a person who is slow to anger, who is quick to love? Are you a person who is not showing their age as much? Are you a person who has more energy than you should for your age?  Are you a person that they will look at and they will say I don’t know what you got but I like it. They’re gonna listen to you, old soul.”

So it's time folks, positive thinkers, positive speakers and positive changers, those of us that can create change with our words, and our energy need to step up and start changing.  

The ripple we will create will be profound.  

There's no turning back now, the world is in transition and it's only a matter of time before we, the positive thinkers and change-makers outweigh and outnumber the doom and gloom and fear mongers.

Step up!
Voice up!
Shape your words for a Good Future!

Lori-Ann Victoria
October 7, 2016