Renee Murphy, Body Code Practitioner

Renee Murphy
Body Code Sessions
By Phone or Skype

Who Is Renee Murphy?
In the late 1990’s I had what many would describe as a series of unfortunate events that included a battle with breast cancer.  That put me on a journey to discover healing.  On my journey to find health, wealth and happiness I discovered Reiki, and loved it, but it was not enough.  Then I met Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Dr. Nelson was a holistic chiropractor for many years, and wrote a book called The Emotion Code.  He closed his brick and mortar practice and began teaching his method for healing.  I met Dr. Brad on a cold, snowy weekend in January of 2009.  From that moment on I knew this was the right way for me to change my life, and to change the lives of others.  Through his book, seminars and personal mentoring programs I have developed into a preferred Body Code practitioner in his healing network.
What is the Body Code and how does it work?  
Quantum Physicist have been saying for quite a while that everything is energy.  Trees, animals, you and me, everything.  The energy that you’re made of, your vibration, is unique, there is no one IN THE UNIVERSE exactly like you.  That energy makes your body what it is.  It makes your spirit who you are.  Everything in the universe is pure energy, even emotions.
Each emotion has its own unique vibration.  If you are feeling the emotion of sadness, you are feeling the vibration or the frequency of that emotion.   Thoughts and emotions are energy and our lives are full of these vibrations.  Having emotions is a good thing. They add color to our lives.  Without them life would be rather bland.  Having emotions is part of what makes us human.  Unfortunately, sometimes our negative emotions can make life difficult.   If you can think back to an event in your life that was trying, rather difficult, emotionally tough, you most likely have trapped emotions, or what we call emotional baggage about that event.  When you release your emotional baggage, and actually remove that vibration from your body, it will help you be able to recall the event without feeling weighed down by it.  
Your emotional baggage does not have to run your life.  But if you haven’t released it, IT IS.  It is misdirecting you, pushing you in directions that you might not really want to go in.  Do you wonder why you keep dating the wrong guy or gal?  OK, maybe not you personally, maybe you know someone like that.   It’s trapped emotions that do that to us.   That emotional energy that we feel during intense events like, funerals, divorces, being bullied, whatever you have experienced.  Those energies are real.  Those feelings can be so powerful they can become stuck in the body.  We call these energies trapped emotions.  These energies can distort the normal energy field of your body.  If you are distorting your energy field you’re distorting your physical body.  Trapped emotions interfere with the flow of energy within your body.
Every trapped emotions is like a dual edged sword.   They affect us emotionally and they affect us physically.  The more trapped emotions you have, the more you will tend to create. Trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, they can cause you to over react and misinterpret behavior.  They can cause you to sort circuit what would otherwise be perfectly good relationships or opportunities.  Trapped emotions can interfere with you attracting abundance in all areas of your life.  Health, Wealth and Happiness.  Basically trapped emotions can interfere with you attaining your heart’s desire.

As a Body Code practitioner, I help you release those trapped energies that are not in your best interest.  All my work is done over the phone or through audio skype.  I encourage you give it a try, schedule an appointment, let go of the baggage that is interfering with your life