Free Event in Minnesota!



"What if everything you wanted from life was at your fingertips. Would you have the courage to seize it?"

The opportunity is upon you!
The founder of Higher Brain Living®, Dr. Michael Cotton, is coming to St. Paul, MN on November 10th to enlighten the masses about the missing link in personal development...and to show you how Higher Brain Living® has mastered that missing link. For more info, click here!
We know it takes courage to step out of your safety zone and try new things. It's way more comfortable to stay in the consistency of daily routines. Sameness=safety. Right?
That is your lower brain talking. Your lower brain doesn't want things to change because it was designed to keep you alive when simply surviving each day was the objective. If your current daily routine is keeping you alive, then your lower brain is happy and doesn't feel the need to change anything.
This means that you do not feel as much inspiration, desire, drive or joy. In order to decrease the dominance of your lower brain, you need to increase the energy and power of your Higher Brain, which in turn connects and amplifies each area of your life. Your Higher Brain, or pre-frontal cortex, is what will guide you to the life you dream of...the life of confidence; the life of purpose; the life of passion. The first step is to simply turn it on.
Learn how to ignite your Higher Brain today with Higher Brain Living®'s right at your fingertips. All you need to do is seize it.

This presentation is FREE if you register online--click the button below to reserve your spot and for more details about the event!

($97 at the door)

*This is a live event in St. Paul, MN and will not be online.