You'll be there, right?

a post from Tally Hayden of Higher Brain Living





the actual physiology of your brain to have more joy, passion and purpose.



with a tribe of people who are seeking the same things as you.



your knowledge of transforming culture, consciousness and the brain.

It's time to act,!

Expand consciousness, change your brain and unleash your full potential. With this one-of-a-kind experience that frees your fear-based lower brain, you will have the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive, to let go of stress and overwhelm, to experience joy, confidence, passion and to grow and evolve every day.
You will know that you are good enough, worthy enough, deserving, connected and part of a new story. Your brain literally becomes the change you seek--part of an acceleration of humanity, free of limitation.
But more than simply a physiological change and temporary enlightenment experience, you leave the Immersion Retreat with the insight to create a lifelong map and methodology toward vertical personal growth.

A New Brain, A New Beginning: Immersion Retreat
October 14, 15 & 16, 2016 -- Higher Brain Living® Institute

Are you a Certified Facilitator?

Don't forget to sign up for Technique Refinement Day following the Immersion Retreat! This hands-on refinement day is with Dr. Cotton and the Higher Brain Living® Team (limited to 40 participants).
NOTE: If you are not a current Facilitator but are interested in becoming trained and certified in this revolutionary technique and program, request our free webinar recording to learn more! Click here now.