What Self-Help is Missing... {Webinar Recording}



Have you ever heard of the "Blender Effect?" This concept, using the Higher Brain Living® process, creates an interesting analogy that describes why our program is different from any other personal development or self-help program on the planet:
Imagine you have a blender full of water representing your body and a dropper of dark green colored liquid representing the most potent healing substance in the world. If you were to drop three drops of this miracle green liquid into the TURNED OFF blender full of water (your body), what happens? Not much! The miracle green substance slowly settles near the bottom and produces a few small off shoots into the water. Approximately 95% of the water is unaffected by this powerful healing substance.
Now...let's repeat the experiment in our mind, only this time, right before we squeeze three green drops into the water, we turn the blender ON. What happens when this small quantity of miracle substance enters the water? It is 100% integrated into every single water molecule!
Can you see how transformational it is when a system is first turned on? That was the only difference between virtually nothing happening and 100% transformation.
We change the rules of the game of healing and growth when we TURN ON and energize the Higher Brain first and then implement meditation, yoga or any other technique! As you learn to energize your Higher Brain on your own, you can then introduce other powerful methods in body, mind, and spirit that create Quantum, sustainable improvements.
Do you see why Higher Brain Living® is crucial in order to create sustainable, successful and long-lasting change in your life? If your brain is not programmed to receive any type of positive change, it will not retain that change.
The Higher Brain Living® Program is an incredible process, designed to create success by itself. If, however, you have a specific self-help program you use frequently and would like to continue using (yoga, acupuncture, massage, psychology, meditation, etc), we highly encourage you to learn how to energize your Higher Brain FIRST, and then continue your usual self-help routine. You will be amazed at the difference...your brain will then be ready for any type of positive change/growth, and your current program's success will become sustainable and increase astronomically.

Now imagine being able to offer this Higher Brain Living® Technique and Program to your current clients, or even starting a new career transforming lives...you will have the ability to sustainably and drastically change lives!

The need for Higher Brain Living® is greater than ever--the world needs higher states of consciousness and increased joy, clarity, peace and purpose.
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Watch this clip to learn how Higher Brain Living® is different from your normal self-help routine!