What people are saying about The Chakra Activation Series....

Here are a few notes from folks who have participated in the The Chakra Activation Series. Some attended by Phone, some Online and others Listened to a Recording.

"I wanted to connect with you to tell you how I'm doing with the Chakra classes... it's been a wonderful experience. Before starting these classes,  I'd been having trouble with visualizing during mediation, but now I have been finding it easier.  Still a ways to go, but its better.  And I'm really glad you offer these through recordings!" - Lisa S.

"Thank you for an amazing call!  Beautiful healing energy❤️" - Root Chakra Activation participant

"Hi Deborah!... Last night was fabulous!... how do I sign up?" -  Crown Chakra Activation Participant

"You are so amazing at your work❤️❤️" - Crown Chakra Activation Participant

"I felt blissful!" - Andrea B.

"Thanks much for tonight's session. The connection with my spirit guide was very helpful." - Sandy W.

"I went somewhere also for about 15 minutes! Loved it!" - Rose

"Last night did an amazing Chakra session with the lovely gifted Deborah Lighthart.  Felt so great during and after." Deborah H.

"It was awesome. I swear I went somewhere while I was listening. Before I knew it, the session was over." - Linda L.

"Great!" - Genelle M.

"The (chakra clearing) was Great! I am in a great deal of pain because I have fibromyalgia and I am under a lot of stress about a job I took in good faith that is not working out the way it is supposed to or the way it was promised to me. After this Chakra activation I feel so much better, I am free of some of the pain and I am in a good place in my head. Thank you Deborah!" - Libby L.

"The call tonight was absolutely beautiful❤️ thank you!!" - Mary Kay B.

"That was an awesome session! I will be joining you for others as well." - Emily B.