The Prosperity Program

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FREE Energy Bath for Prosperity + Abundance          LISTEN HERE
This is the free introductory session to the Prosperity Program. It helps you to clear away inner blocks and barriers to prosperity and gives you a great taste of what the whole program is like.

#1 "Growing New Roots"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Allows you to break the patterns that you've been living in and to create brand new ones that help you to increase your levels of prosperity and abundance

#2 "Past, Present + Future"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you let go of the past, embrace the present and prepare for your ideal future

#3 "Island Paradise"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Reminds you of the infinite wealth available to you and helps you let go of needing to do or be more in order to get it

#4 "Spiritual Money Mentor"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Connects you with a spirit being or spirit council that helps to guide your financial decisions

#5 "Planting Seeds"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you to plant new energies of abundance in your life

#6 "Streams of Prosperity"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you to open new streams of prosperity in your life, as well as tend to old ones

#7 "YEESS!!!!"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Activates the energies of affirmation and positive action in your life, allowing you to create your dreams

#8 "Shake It Up"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you to open the powers of manifestation within you

#9 "The Great Realignment"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Facilitates the release of all energies, beliefs and thoughts that are not in alignment with your heart's desires

#10 "Star of Wealth"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Opens the energy of Abundance and Wealth in all areas of your life

#11 "Breaking Through"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you to break through barriers and blockages in your energy field, especially in the areas of prosperity + abundance

#12 "Believe in Yourself"      LISTEN HERE     BUY HERE $10
Helps you to trust your inner guidance in all situations, especially financial decisions

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