The Prosperity Program

12 Recorded Classes + Energy Clearings,
3 1-hour Personal Coaching Calls,
Unlimited Email Assistance,
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Bonus Sessions, Files + Videos
Feeling Financially Frustrated?
Struggling to Make Ends Meet?
Always Worried about Money?
Change is HERE! Prosperity is possible!

Please Join Energy Healer + Intuitive Reader, Deborah Lighthart, for this audio series of recorded classes and energy healing sessions designed to help you achieve higher levels of abundance and wealth. Having worked with 1000's of people from all walks of life, Deborah has gained a wealth of wisdom that she can share with you, so that you can open the portals of prosperity in your life faster and easier than ever. You'll learn inside tips and techniques that will help you release your emotional blocks and subconscious barriers to abundance, as well as receive energetic support to achieve the higher vibrational frequencies needed to reveal the flow of prosperity and abundance you truly desire.

This series combines easy, energy-shifting techniques like:  Guided MeditationEnergy Healing, Reiki, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more. By bringing these techniques together, you will be able to shift the patterns and programming in your body, mind and spirit all at once.
This program may not be for everyone. Some people may not like the process. Some may not be ready for change. For this reason, I want you to be able to try this program first, to see if it's right for you. You don't need to join a mailing list or enter any credit card information. There is NO Obligation whatsoever. Just click on the FREE 1-HOUR AUDIO CLASS BELOW and If you like it, you can purchase the rest of the program at the top of the page.

If you liked this FREE introductory session, you'll love the rest of the series, which includes the following audio sessions:
  • Growing New Financial Roots
  • Repairing Your Past and Preparing for Your Future
  • Creating the Ideal Paradise
  • Connecting with your Spiritual Money Mentor
  • Planting the Seeds of Success
  • Opening the Streams of Prosperity
  • Just Say Yes
  • Shaking Up Some Change
  • Getting into Divine Alignment
  • Following Your Star of Wealth
  • Breaking Through Your Inner Barriers
  • Trusting Your Prosperous Self
  • PLUS several other BONUS Tracks!
"Thank you!  It’s been incredible already how much money has been coming to me! I’m like a magnet!! My boyfriend even wants to do the program now too because he’s seen in just a week how money has been rolling in. It’s so powerful.  THANK YOU!" - Jaime J.

"I'm signing up!! I'm just 20 minutes into the sample recording and I already feel an incredible energy shift!! Amazing!" - Facebook Friend

"Thank you for creating this...I am finding great benefits already!"  - Michelle B.

"I'm finally in a place where I am diving in. I listened to the intro recording last night and had such a peaceful and blissful night's sleep. I was sleeping but aware of how good I felt. Amazing!" -Aimee L.B.

"Just finished listening to the first recording! 🙌🙌😍😘😍😘🤩🤩🤩" - Rachel Lee

"Hi everyone! I can’t say enough about the incredible work I have been doing with Deborah Lighthart. I am in her prosperity and abundance course and I’m amazed at the changes and ease with which money and new business has been coming to me like a magnet! I never imagined I would be a “money magnet” type of person...primarily because I didn’t even know what that means! but it turns out I am! I highly recommend you check (her) out." - Program Participant

"I am so excited this program is for me and you are helping me. So grateful." - Program Participant

"Thank you for everything, I'm getting so much out of this course, just as you helped me so much with just one session years ago that I still remember so well and utilize what you shared with me!! See you tonight 💜 " - Program Participant

"I just did session eight this morning. I am feeling really good.... I found that $20 bill on the sidewalk. That was super fun and I’m still celebrating that. A couple days later, we got comped some tickets worth $15. We’ve had a good week at work. I think we’ve had money come in every day and had decent registrations for our last two classes. I’m pleased with that inflow, for sure." - Jill B.

"WOW.  Realizing that I embody the positive traits of a prosperous person AND I embrace the negative qualities of that same person is mind blowing.  I have BOTH of these qualities within me, yet define some of them as negative.  These lists are definitely something I can meditate on.  I love the reminder to breathe and receive...ALSO something that I need to keep in mind when feeling stressed or anxious...just breathe and receive." - Program Participant.

"Session 3... is my favorite so far.  I love, love, love the energy bath in this session.  I have been working with a mentor for some time now, and my Bold Money Goal is $10,000 a month...and that’s the amount you said!  I laughed and took it as a sign from the universe that I am on the right path.  After creating a list of what it would take for me to love life right now, I connected with the thought: what can I do right now?  I have already begun to plan on how I can make it happen!" - Program Participant

"Last week and over the weekend the recordings were the only thing that could get me to sleep."  - Rachel W.

"Overall, I’m feeling productive, connected and engaged. I’ve been getting things accomplished and feel good about the opportunities and meetings that are coming up.... I’ve been enjoying the energy baths. I’m having pretty deep meditative experiences and have been feeling the energy moving. I’ve been looking forward to doing them and trusting the healing and alignment that is happening. My belief that my financial situation IS changing right now is high." - Program Participant

"The first session gets you really thinking about prosperity.  Deborah asks thought provoking questions such as “when was the last time you felt wealthy?” and “what was going on at the time?”  I was able to write down my answers and pinpoint that exact moment.  During the energy bath I was able to tap into my prosperity blocks.  Having this experience will help me grow!" - Program Participant

"I’m watching my life change in WEEKS with this program. I wouldn’t believe it myself except it’s HAPPENING to me!" - Program Participant

"I did listen to your first tape. I enjoyed it and made me very relaxed.... I do believe it helped" - Deb S

"I felt a lot of fear and shame and unworthiness in the heart and solar plexus (especially heart which is where my power center was when we did that exercise) come up quite a bit throughout our call tonight.... I’m glad this work is bringing stuff up. that’s what it’s for!" - Paul S.

"My experiences with last nights session seem to be inline with what's happening with me overall which is a more aware/sensitivity with intuition." - Stu V.

 "I think I have some deep rooted issues/blocks but I  feel more peaceful with what is and that I can and am deserving of moving forward." - Program Participant

"First, my son (gave) us quite a few things we can use for our boat that we don't have to buy them. Second, I won $25.00. 3rd, i won a essential oil necklace in a raffle... In my normal week none of this all would of happened. Something is going on." - Program Participant

"I have had your recording for abundance for a while and listen occasionally.  I have felt it is powerful.  But had no concrete evidence. Today I have a real testimonial for you. In 2009 I signed up to be an affiliate with one of my mentors to get commissions from referrals.  I probably received 50 in commissions and then forgot about it.  In 2015 this mentor talked to me again about the affiliate program so I put the links on my website.  I got no commissions. Last night I listened to your recording, and today I received an email notifying me that I have received 500 in commissions from activity over the last couple of months. TOO COOL!" - Renee Murphy

"And, as a TMI... but I think it is a related detail that maybe you’ll appreciate… I’ve noticed a sexual energy difference as well. More connected. More allowing. More electric. So…. That’s fun." - Program Participant

"Got a mentor for marketing... and a focus on where I wanted to go with business.  Pieces seem to be falling into place.  Got a couple blocks identified and created a schedule to move forward...  Did get a $150 gift card so that is always nice." - Program Participant

"In (session 2), Deborah shares the idea that prosperity issues are related to the lower chakras.  To work with this, I thought about my parents, and what money habits they instilled in me.  I then thought about my grandparents and their money habits that were taught to me.  I was then guided to think about what my biggest block to abundance might be.  Finally, Deborah stated that through our guided meditation we would be creating new prosperity roots and habits - those that are different from our ancestors.  I left this session feeling that I am able to carve a new path in abundance and prosperity that is richer than that of my ancestors." - Program Participant

"I began this session by recording three amounts of money - that which I need to get by day to day, that which provides me some extras, and that which is just a crazy amount of money that would make me ecstatic.  This was a challenge for me, as I don’t have a base of knowledge about monthly costs and income (my husband is in charge of all this!).  However, I was able to come up with some numbers that felt good.  I loved the guided imagery of the doors, and locating the one marked Prosperity.  I was able to explain to the person blocking my door why I needed my top amount per month ($15,000): because I am an awesome human being with big goals and a big life to live.  I truly believe this so it was easy for me to say :)  At the end, Deborah directed me to a table, with a person waiting at it.  The first person I thought of was my mentor.  So I visualized her there...and then Deborah said that it is a person who I look up to as far as prosperity and abundance go - and it is!!" - Program Participant 
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