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Dr. Cotton to speak at Bodhi Spiritual Center!
August 28, 2016 // 12PM - 2PM

Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, IL is hosting Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living®, on August 28th...and we want to see you there!

Higher Brain Living® teaches you how to operate from the pre-frontal cerebral cortex--what we call the "Higher Brain"...this is the part of the brain that, when energized, will change your life forever and open you up to fulfill your highest potential...the part of the brain that experiences joy, confidence and purpose.
We invite you to join us on Sunday, August 28th to learn more about this revolutionary technique and how it changing lives across the globe. Reserve your spot today--seating is limited!
You will also get to see a live, mind-blowing demonstration of energy surges and Salutogenic breath moving through the body due to Higher Brain energization! It is amazing and you will not want to miss it.

This is an incredibly unique technique and our Program is different from any other self-help program on the planet. Join us on August 28th to learn more!

Energize Your Higher Brain, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


(This is a live event and will not be online.)
Can't make it on August 28th? Join us at the VibeUP Sangha & Institute on September 18th for another free event! Click here to learn more!