{August 18, 2016} FREE EVENT!



Free Event // August 18 // Chicago, IL

"Oftentimes, the greatest opportunities are not inside of your comfort zone. So today, take a step outside!"

And why is it that our comfort zones ARE such a comfort? Why do we shy away from new and uncharted territories? How come we like to stay where everything around us is familiar and always the same? Well, let us tell you a little story...
The year was 50,000 B.C. A Paleolithic woman stepped out of her cave and picked up a scent in the wind. There were beautiful wild flowers blanketing the landscape, a gold sunrise exploded in the sky, and the lake that spread out before her reflected a million diamonds dancing in the rippling water. However, all this beauty escaped her, for hers was a brain built for survival. Flowers weren't important. The warring tribes, the saber-tooth tigers, and the constant threat of starvation required that she stay focused on surviving another day. The unconscious structures in her primitive brain were always preparing her to do battle with her world. Her life had no sense of purpose or meaning.
Turn the page now as a 21st Century woman steps out of her suburban home. The same primitive part of her brain sensing a thousand tigers and warring tribes nearby, so she prepares herself to survive. Her tigers are modern world demands: the plumber she is waiting for to fix the dishwasher, who arrives late and makes her late to her meeting; rushing in traffic only to slam on the brakes as someone cuts her off; hoping the meeting will end before she has to pick up her children at school; worrying about money while ruminating about how she is going to go about making dinner tonight. She is locked into the same old survival structures. She doesn't notice all the beauty--she just has to get through the day.
Unlike the Paleolithic woman, however, this 21st Century human has a Higher Brain designed for transcendence--new areas of her brain that when active are designed to fill her with gratitude and awe and wonder at this marvelous world. However, that part of her brain is rarely--if ever--active. In fact, research tells us that she, like most people, only use around 5% of the potential of the Higher Brain. The unconscious lower brain trying to protect her from perceived danger--is eating her alive!
This is how it works: all information from your environment first goes into the lower brain because survival is top priority. The lower brain is designed to react very rapidly to a threat. Our senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste) are first filtered through the lower primitive brain even before the higher conscious brain is aware. This is why you may jump away from a snake only to find a few moments later, that the snake was only a small, coiled garden hose.
This stress-causing, primitive lower brain stops the energy from going to the pre-frontal cortex (the Higher Brain). Stress decreases healing and clarity and reduces meaning in life.
The pre-frontal cortex does the opposite. This Higher Brain turns on your body's ability to rejuvenate and feel a sense of inner calm and meaning. That feeling of well being is meant to be your natural state. However, with all the demands of the modern world, we can't keep the Higher Brain turned on. Stress becomes our baseline.
The good news is that the Higher Brain can be awakened in everyone. The more it is energized, the more the center of gravity shifts from lower brain dominance to the Higher Brain. We have the architecture, and we are now finding out how to use it!
THIS is your chance to step "outside of the box!" THIS is your journey into your new life. Take a leap and step outside. You will rejuvenate. You will live a life full of passion, purpose and joy. It's time to energize your Higher Brain and release your stress-causing, lower brain.

This is your greatest opportunity.

Learn more about this revolutionary program and technique that energizes your Higher Brain by joining us on August 18th from 6:30PM - 8:30PM in Chicago, IL. You will also see a LIVE demonstration! Click below to learn more!