Interview with ABC's "The Ripple Effect"!



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In the meantime, check out this awesome interview by Kristen White with ABC's "The Ripple Effect" (scroll down after clicking):

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And, there's more!

The following is a portion of an interview we conducted with Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Cheryl Thapa from Minnesota. Cheryl holds a BA in Psychology, Master's in Social Work, is a LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) and a Private Practice Psychotherapist:

What was your experience at training?

"I gained a technique that has been and is effective at seriously changing lives for the better of many clients. This is priceless. My training experience was an integral process of rapid personal and professional expansion. My perspectives of business shifted into a conscious, balanced, and compassionate one that became palatable for my previous "don't want to be a taker" mindset. My experience at training was so powerful, I felt the effects for months as it launched me into a new place of "being" with myself, both in general and in my business."

Would you recommend this program to others? And why?

"Yes I would, for all the powerful reasons mentioned in #1. This training will change you, will change the world around you. If you feel called to make an impact, this is it."

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