FREE EVENT // July 24 // Chicago


Free Event with Sips + Snacks!

Introducing: "The New Human"
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The Higher Brain Living® Institute in partnership with VibeUP is hosting several FREE community events at the new VIBEUP Sangha & Institute in Chicago (please note that this is a live event and is not online).
Higher Brain Living® teaches you how to operate from the pre-frontal cerebral cortex--what we call the "Higher Brain." This is the part of the brain that, when energized, will change your life forever and open you up to fulfill your highest potential...the part of the brain that experiences joy, confidence and purpose.

" stress level went way down. Instead of reacting, I was starting to respond. My ruminations of old traumas started to fade away along with self-doubt, fear, and hopelessness. My health was improving...I now had hope and progress and that is seen and felt everday."
~ Alison, Colorado ~

At this event, you will see a live demonstration of Higher Brain Living®'s revolutionary approach to personal development and be part of a discussion on higher consciousness, the rise of the new human, and the creation of an enlightened culture.

We would like to invite anyone who is passionate about helping others and living their best life to attend this free event at the VIBEUP Sangha & Institute in Chicago to find out more!

(Please note that this is a LIVE event located in Chicago and is not online.)

Higher Brain Living Inc. 2255 S Michigan Avenue Space #2W Chicago, Illinois 60616 United States