Energy Healing + Spirit Messagaing 7.31.2016

During today's energy healing session (for the Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging Facebook Group), I spent a lot of time opening portals between the realms, releasing the blockages in our consciousness and amplifying the light in our lives. After I finished the energy, I sensed this message from the Angels. I hope it helps to bring some light into your life.
Love, Deborah

Dear Sweet, Lovable human,
You are a part of the Infinite Divine. Your beautiful soul has incarnated into this amazing body onto this incredible (and sometimes challenging) planet. You are made from union of heaven and earth, which should be enough to remind you of your glory, yet sometimes you forget. Sometimes, you lose track of your own magnificence.
When you do, we invite you to rest your weary soul in our hands. As your Guardian Angels, we will guide you and protect you. We will love you and nurture you. We will strengthen you and uplift you, for our very existence is to be the bridge between the realms.
Our purpose is to help you stay in touch with the true magic of your being. To remind you of your infinite worth, not just when you are achieving great things or shining like the brilliant star that you are, but also when you are tired, angry, overwhelmed, sad and ready to give up on life.
So, when you fall to your darkest depths, let our hands be the ones to catch you, because we know who you really are and we will remind you. Let us replenish you and repair your connections to the universal flow. We know where you came from and we will show you the way home. The journey is never as far as it feels, especially when you use your wings.
- Your Guardian Angels