An absolute miracle is unfolding...


What if I told you that you could... 
  • Create powerful and inspirational change in your life
  • Energize parts of your brain that are currently dormant
  • Experience long-lasting joy, passion, purpose, clarity, focus and determination
  • Release stress, anxiety, boredom and fear
  • Discover your purpose and truly live up to your potential
Let me give you a sneak peek into our Training & Certification Program...
Our Program teaches you how to energize your pre-frontal cortex (or what we call the Higher Brain), which is a truly phenomenal, transformative experience alone.
After energizing your Higher Brain, you then identify and release what we call "hot spots," which are areas in your life that are causing you anxiety, stress, dysfunction and disharmony. Identifying these areas along with awakening the most evolved part of your brain allows you to fully release that negativity and take control of anxiety--and most importantly, replace it with positivity, growth, happiness, confidence and purpose.
First, you will make this shift in your personal life...then you will learn and perfect the Higher Brain Living® Technique, allowing you to provide this same opportunity for others--it is truly transformational.
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Debbie is one of our Higher Brain Living® Facilitators, and she would like to share her incredible journey with you...

(You may be unfamiliar with some terms, but once you are in our Training Program, you will learn and utilize them often.)

"An absolute miracle is unfolding in my life. I never could have predicted it. The way it is occurring makes it clear without a doubt that Divine Intervention is at play. I truly believe this is a result of the Higher Brain Living® work.
During the time I was going through the 22 Sessions [Higher Brain Living® Program] I had one of the most impactful moments of my life during a morning 4D scan. I was reading my ReSOULutions out loud, and my mind was wandering. I began to beat on myself again because I couldn't even focus for the two minutes it took to read my ReSOULutions out loud. Really? I can't even get through two sentences without my mind going elsewhere? And how can I be speaking something out loud and thinking about something else at the same time?
As I read the relationship ReSOULutions, my mind drifted to my mother. She is sweet but SO needy. And I am codependent and have tried to give her the love, and frankly the childhood she has never experienced. She never once remembers being hugged, or kissed, or told she was loved. The time and attention I give her has brought out the worst in me. Temper and seething rage I'd never experienced, and the inability to affect any kind of change in her, even with my healing work, had torn me apart. I was completely exhausted. As my ruminations continued, I asked myself would she die this year? Three years from now? Ten years from now? And could I possibly continue to do what I was doing for her, completely exhausting myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for however much longer she lived? Most importantly, would I EVER resolve this relationship?
At that very moment I had what I can only call a powerhouse insight. I cannot say I 'heard' something but the words were absolutely there, absolutely clear, and they were immediate. They were, "That's why she's still here. Resolving this relationship is what she has to finish before she can go. It's part of what you have to do as well, but it is what's required before she can move on." It was like a bolt of lightning that went through me and I've never experienced anything like that.
[Higher Brain Living®] Training in July [2015] was the first time I had been away from her for seven days in a row in the last four years. I had some powerful experiences during the retreats, and during this time it also became immensely clear the toll my care for her had taken on me. I was pale, and sick, and exhausted. I was completely spent, emotionally, mentally and physically..."
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