Poem by L A Victoria Parker

A Sun bird hovers
flits from twig to twig
As other small feathered ones
twitter, chatter
and the cicadas buzz 
over in the forest
And I watch it all
With eyes wide
Feeling pretty in my sun dress
Bare feet touching earth
Arms raised up to touch the sky
As the sun kisses my rosy cheeks
And warms the top of my head
branches of the mango tree
hang low
so ripe with fruit
And I fill my basket 
with sunshine from the gods
To take back for breakfast
The walk back to you
is slow, joyful, deliberate
Bosom full of fresh ripe fruit
hips sway under skirt
At   camp with Bounty from the world we live in
I hang the washing and watch the birds play
So careful not to wake you
Eyes lowered, heart singing
breath quiet, mind still
I stop in doorway don't say a word
and watch you dream
the world 
Peaceful, still , and soft like a babe
but strong as the Ocean deep
And  even as I breathe so quiet
You feel the the sound my body makes 
And turn toward me, awake
A smile turns the sides of your mouth upward
and your clear deep eyes draw me in
For a moment we are lost in this 
But the pitter patter of tiny feet, 
on tin roof above us -- quiet
break the the trance  
Your voice -- all I have ever needed
"My Love, I heard you coming."