Introducing "The New Human" {June 30th}


Introducing: "The New Human"

Next Free Event: Thursday, June 30 from 6:30PM - 8:30PM

The Higher Brain Living® Institute in partnership with VibeUP is hosting several, FREE community events. There will be sips and snacks as well as a FREE talk by Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of the Higher Brain Living® Institute and co-founder of VibeUP EPOCH6 (with Luke Jensen, founder of VibeUP). Discover more by clicking here!
EPOCH6 is "an exploration into the subtle sacred energy of the body and it's transformational ability to awaken dormant potential in your brain." At this event you will:
Discover the missing link in personal growth and spiritual awakening. Research has shown that many years of intensive meditation can lead to increased energy in the Higher Brain...BUT what if you could skip the years of intensive practice and awaken the Higher Brain instantly?
See a live demonstration of this revolutionary approach and be part of a discussion on higher consciousness, the rise of the new human, and the creation of an enlightened culture.

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Higher Brain Living® creates an actual physiological change in your brain that shifts energy from your primitive, fear-based lower brain into your Higher Brain where joy, purpose and passion live!
Higher Brain Living® also provides the life map to not only discovering your purpose but the sustainable energy needed in your Higher Brain to flourish within it.
Energize Your Higher Brain, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!