Enlightenment: Your Purpose {Free Webinar Recording}

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My first question to you is, “Do you know your life purpose?”

If you feel content with the status quo, I'd like you to consider the fact that your purpose in life may be greater than you had ever imagined previously.
If you feel like you have no purpose, I want you to KNOW that there is something out there for you—something waiting specifically for YOU.
Let's try something...
Close your eyes and imagine the best day of your life—a time when nothing could ruin your day. You were in the moment, on top of the world; everything was just as it should be. Experience that feeling of ease, clarity, joy and even invincibility. For just a moment, you were empowered. Imagine that feeling...
That feeling is the same feeling in each of you…regardless of the event or circumstance that triggered it. That feeling is produced by the pre-frontal cortex of your brain.
So the question is, if it is possible to feel that way, why don’t you at most times?
What would your life be like if you always had access to that experience? What if you brought that experience to all of life’s challenges?
Imagine if you went through life, knowing you were living your greatest purpose with ease, clarity, joy and empowerment.
What if I told you that you could make that your new baseline in life? What if I told you that you, Deborah, could achieve this? What would your next step be?
Higher Brain Living® is the tool, the process, the program, that can help that heightened state of consciousness and higher living become present in your day-to-day life. It is the answer to all questions of purpose, whether it means that Higher Brain Living® will give you this heightened state in order for you to discover your purpose, or that producing this feeling in others is your life purpose calling you forth.
You might be asking, "How is all of this possible?"
After many years of research, studies and developments, I have located connective tissue in the body that connects to your pre-frontal cortex, or Higher Brain. The Higher Brain Living® Technique that is implemented using precise, gentle-touch contact points awakens latent energy in the body and sends it along these pathways...into your Higher Brain.
The Higher Brain (pre-frontal cortex) is where you experience the feelings I was describing earlier. Our clients have reported elevated feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, joy, energy, purpose and meaning, confidence, clarity, competence and more. Feelings of stress, anxiety, boredom, fear and doubt fade away.
So, your next step...
If Higher Brain Living® is new to you or you still have questions surrounding it, I invite you to watch the recording of the recent Webinar I hosted last week. There is no cost for this recording—it is knowledge and understanding that I feel the entire world needs to be made aware of. To watch the recording, please visit www.higherbrainliving.com/june-webinar.
If, after watching the Webinar, you feel led to take a further step into your purpose, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary one-on-one call with our Director of Facilitator Experience, Tally Hayden. This opportunity will be presented to you after watching the recording.
Please take advantage of this opportunity right away, as there is a special offer made in the recording that ends July 1st!
If the one-on-one call is not the direction you want to take, I invite you to locate a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator near you. Our Facilitators are trained and certified in the Higher Brain Living® Technique and can inform you of any special offers they have.
I highly encourage you to do some more research yourself. Visit our website and explore our science page (including EEG brain scans of "before and after" brain activity), our blog, our media interviews, etc.
Remember, your purpose in life is greater than you have ever imagined.
Welcome to the Revolution!

Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement
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