Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 6.5.2016

After sending energy healing to my Facebook Group for Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging (CLICK HERE TO JOIN), I channeled this message from the Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides. I hope it brings some Light and Love into your life.
Love, Deborah

Wow, the energies this morning have made me feel drowsy and almost drunk feeling. I think I may need to take a nap just to integrate it properly. But I want to share a quick message from the Angels with all of you first:
Your Guardian Angels would like you all to know that the pain and suffering that may feel/experience, are indicators of where you are not in alignment with your soul's path. Some of you are holding onto anger over the past, some are allowing themselves to be victimized, some are feeling guilty or shamed, etc. Some of you are feeling unloved, unable to love others, disconnected from the Light or from your own Life force.These choices are what keep you trapped in your suffering. In order to release yourself, you need to take steps to be aligned with your own higher purpose. Some of you may be asking, "How can I do that?"
It is more simple that you realize.
If you are angry, forgive.
If you are a victim, stand up.
If you are guilty, confess.
If you are feeling ashamed, love yourself and remember that you have always done your very best with what you had at the time.
If you feel unloved, let someone love you..
If you feel unable to love others, show someone some love. Anyone.
If you are disconnected from Spirit, take time for whatever reconnects you.
If you are lacking life force energy, get some exercise. Nourish yourself properly.
The bottom line is to become aware of your own feelings, blockages and barriers and do whatever it takes to release them.
Please know that as your Angels, we are always here, shining the Light for you, trying to help you see the ways to release your burdens, to let go of your baggage, and to be the glorious human incarnation of your soul. You came to this world to shine your Light, not to be trapped in the suffering of it all. We will always help you in every way that we can, but we need you to help us help you. Let us in. Watch for our signs. Listen for our messages. You were not born to suffer. You were born to express the brilliance of your being. And we will show you the way. If you just allow it.