AngelBoyz Message with Steve Polifka

Good Morning! It is time for our Weekly Say-so! (Given with much love!)
As many of you hide behind your personal communication devices, you are watching the world unfold around you. Chaos, arguments, grief, sadness, blaming and shaming abound across the ethers.
Mass murders, and individual murders and death are in the forefront of the days’ new reports. It does not seem as if the light will ever overcome the darkness.
You may find yourself doubting your own feelings and beliefs. What is it that you just experienced? How can this be real? Why does this keep on and on? Doesn’t anybody see what’s happening?
Now, we do indeed hear your questions.
Death does make life more precious, from life’s point of view. It brings up hate or love in the hearts of others. It defines good from evil in others. It brings out compassion and peaceful intentions from even others.
How have you felt, whether this kind of occurrence of seeming destruction and defiance of the sanctity of all life was in a city in Florida, or Colorado, or California, or around the planet? And what did you feel?
These feelings may cause you to react in strange ways. You may experience a plethora of emotions, all within a single minute. Yet all of this is to help you see yourselves in the light. You may have judgements, or you may not. There is no right or wrong emotion. When you let them flow, they will lead you to what is next for you.
Will you stop in fear, or will you lend your voice to the greater good? Will you choose to think differently and promote peace within and without?
This is your world calling out in pain, and expressing itself in chaos. This is your world. You cannot separate yourselves from it. Even as you face your own personal chaos, the bigger picture has taken precedence, at least for a moment.
Love them. You know how.
It is not just those who have surrendered and live in the unseen now, but those who will choose to stand up for what they believe in.
Support each other.
You know how to do that as well. Now is not the time for anger to cloud your thinking and your hearts. Let the emotions flow, so that they may purify your spirit and your outlook.
But first, find that peace within you. Let your strengths emerge from its hiding and stand strong in the light.
For many are being called for a greater purpose. If you feel compelled to do more than observe, investigate those callings.Many miracles occur when following the heart.
The awakening continues!
We send much healing in our words for those who anguish in emotional pain and fear. We give healing energy to those in physical distress. We open up the doors of light, truth, and forgiveness to all, so you may find peace in your lives.
Given with much love, and light upon your healing hearts,
Gladimir & Zephram
And your angels and guides continue to walk with you, through the shadows and the light….
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