Enlightenment: What Is YOUR Tipping Point?

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What is YOUR Tipping Point?
Dear Healing Community,

Are you familiar with the term, “tipping point?” 

Webster’s defines it as this: “The point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.”

You probably have experienced several tipping point moments in your life. Maybe it was when, after months of changing your eating and exercise habits, you finally saw the scale move and your body start to take on a different shape. Or maybe it was in your business, when all your hard work and commitment to consistency finally paid off.

Whatever your tipping point moments were, these can be categorized as defining moments in your life because it’s when what was only imagined or perceived, finally became reality.

I feel the same way about Higher Brain Living®.

Over the past several years, Higher Brain Living® has become so much more than a tipping point in my life—it has become a tipping point in the lives of many. To the people finally understanding that becoming the best version of themselves is possible (and it’s not done through traditional “self-help” methods) and to the many Higher Brain Living® Facilitators we have trained and worked with, it is a powerful and spirited movement. I call it the “evolution revolution.”

You, like so many of the people we talk to and work with, are ready for more—more knowledge that will actually cause change, more community that embraces and supports elevated thinking and decision making, more life that is lived to the fullest.

All of this can be experienced when the Higher Brain is in control. No more reacting from fear, scarcity or lack. Imagine instead, living life consistently and constantly through a lens of power, peace and purpose. This is the tipping point we aspire to at Higher Brain Living®. We imagine and believe in a world where the small changes of living life with the Higher Brain in control, as opposed to the lower brain, will cause a profound change in the way we collectively, as a species, interact, contribute and engage with one another. We believe that because we’ve seen it take root in individuals and blossom from there. Yet, there is still much work to do.

My vision is to surge into the world with Higher Brain Living® principles, teachings and techniques in whatever way is necessary to create the momentum that leads to a tipping point within the 'early adopters' or the people who have already begun to live out the principles of Higher Brain Living®. My hope is that this significant minority then catches fire in the mainstream (like all innovation cycles do) leading to exponential transformations in consciousness, culture and the cortex. In short, a few people on fire for a cause can create world-wide change if they passionately spread the message.

Several years ago, this message was given to me regarding Higher Brain Living®, and I’d like to share it with you now: "HBL is like a bamboo tree that takes years to sink its roots deeply before rising like a skyscraper in a matter of months— spreading its branches to create a canopy for humanity. Higher Brain Living® is an evolution. A revolution. And a voice that is rising deep from the collective consciousness and into the light of a new way of living."

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Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement
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