Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 5.22.2016

After sending energy healing to my Facebook Group for Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging (CLICK HERE TO JOIN), I channeled this message from the Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides. I hope it brings some Light and Love into your life.
Love, Deborah

"STRETCH. That's what it's all about. The stretch. Think of how the little plant grows. Think of how it pushes it's roots down into the earth and stretches it's leaves toward the sun to get it's nourishment. That is how to embrace human evolution, by stretching toward whatever brings you strength and sustenance. 

Life is not about struggling, stressing or straining. It's about leaning toward what empowers you and helps you to grow. The little plant doesn't waste time judging itself for how fast or slow it's growing. Or how complaining about how much sun there was today. It just keeps stretching down into the earth and up toward the sun. 

Every day. 

As much as it can.

And so should you. 

The more you allow yourself to do what brings you joy and happiness, the more you embrace the people that empower you with love and support, the more you lean toward the light, the easier your life will become."